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22nd Anniversary Thank you from Pastor Wilson

Posted by: Pastor Niles R. Wilson on Mon, Mar 26, 2018

Expression of gratitude and declaration of direction for 2018

Praise the Lord family.  On behalf of the First Lady, Alyssa, Kayla, and myself we want to thank each of you for helping us celebrate another anniversary milestone in ministry. Your donations, gifts, cards, and kind words are always a blessing and an encouragement for us as we continue on in ministry. 


For 22 years God has allowed me to serve as the Pastor of our wonderful church family, and you have given me access to your hearts, your souls, and your family.  I am grateful to God that Lady Wilson has been a part of this journey with me since the very beginning, and along the way the Lord blessed us with our children to share in the blessings and challenges of this ministry. 


I appreciate every prayer and effort that was made to honor our service and sacrifice through the years, and we value the lives and the souls of every member of our church family. We wish to especially thank the Anniversary committee for working diligently to make sure we all were spiritually fed with the word of God, and the members were given an opportunity to bless us with their expressions of love.  


Going forward, it is my prayer that we all take inventory of our commitment to Christ as we reflect on the message that Rev. Andrews brought forth on the third Sunday, and re-commit ourselves to working together as a church family.  


Every member of our church family brings a different gift, skill set, and potential to the ministry.  When we put all of these gifts, skills and potentials together; we form a Christian Army capable of doing all that God commissions us to do.  We must remain diligent in God's warning to be watchful as well as prayerful.  The enemy is the author of confusion, chaos, disillusionment, and discord.  We are too strong and powerful to allow the enemy to control what God has blessed us with and commissioned us to do.


I want to present this challenge to each of you this year.  I want to challenge us to put all of our hurts, mistakes, judgments, criticisms, false expectations, unrealistic demands, condemnations and grievances aside; and by faith and love allow God to use us to strengthen one another, love one another, forgive one another, build one another, encourage one another and fulfill the great commission of sharing (by our lifestyles and testimonies) with the world everything God has done for us and is willing to do for them.  


Like any other family; we will not always agree.  We will not always see things from the same perspective, and we will always find that some of us have a different opinion.  Therefore our standard has to always be to follow the word, the will, and the direction of God through the leading of the Holy Spirit to the leadership of the ministry.  Our standard has to be to turn to one another in love and not against one another.  We have to pray for one another and not prey on one another.  We have to practice forgiving one another rather than condemning one another.  And when we find ourselves with opposing opinions; I challenge each of us to come to the table with more than criticism and complaint.  I urge each of us to come to the table with ideas for solutions, and strategies, and prayers, and a sincere confession of our willingness to step up to the plate and volunteer to make things better for all of us.  


Those who have abandoned your post and abandoned our church family because you've been offended or you feel overlooked or unappreciated; I apologize to you on behalf of the church leadership and membership.  We recognize that you have been hurt, and we pray that you will forgive all of us. 


Many of our church family members have heard of or read about various complaints and hurts from people who are a part of this church body, but most of our church family have no idea of what's troubling those who are dissatisfied.  It’s not because they don’t care; but its because they are fighting spiritual battles that require their undivided attention.  


I'm proposing that whenever we as a family are hurt or offended; instead of only expressing what’s troubled us or who has offended us; why not also include what we are in need of as an individual child of God, so that a spiritual resolution may be obtained.  And instead of using a venue where your issues may or may not be heard or considered, I propose that we express ourselves face to face.  


While we can't change the past; we can work together to make sure that today and tomorrow are better because of the lessons we learned from the past and the solutions you are willing to share and work on.  


Those of you who have backslidden into behaviors and lifestyles that do not reflect the true spirit of the Christian faith, or those of you who have participated in idle gossip and rumor spreading; I assure you that you have time to get right with God and I invite you to return back to the fellowship of your church family so that we may pray with you, detox with you, and encourage you to repent to God, and take up your cross daily as a soldier in his army.  


I am grateful for the past 22 years; but I am determined to forge onward as a church where wounded souls are made whole, and broken lives are placed in the potter's hands and made over again.  I have confidence and expectation for every soul and every life of every member of our church family.  I desire to see each of you become the best version of yourself.  You were made in the image and likeness of God; and there is none greater than he.  


Today I'm inviting you and your family to join me and my family to connect and covenant with every willing member of Greater Cornerstone and form a branch of God’s worldwide church family that we call our church.  Will you join us?  I pray that you will.  Will you join us in proving that the enemy is a liar, and God’s grace is sufficient?  Will you join us in walking in the Spirit of God?  I’ll be looking for you.


God Bless,


Pastor Wilson

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