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Min. Danette (Kelling) Purnell
Title: Minister
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Min. Danette Kelling is a native of Newark, New Jersey, and she is the proud mother of five daughters. 

Danette is a faithful member of Greater Cornerstone's leadership team where she serves as the Director for the Music and Arts Ministries.  She oversees the focus and directions of the music, dance, and dramatic presentations for morning worship, afternoon fellowships, and all special services.  Danette also contributes her talents to the church's Social Media Ministry and it's Sound and Visual Media ministry, and the Pastor's Anniversary Committee.  In addition to serving in leadership, Danette sings with the church's choir, and praise team. Outside of the church she is sings with Dale Ciceron and Optimistic 4 Christ and Psalms of Praise led by Pastor Dale Ciceron.

Danette is an employee of Verizon Communications , and she is a student at Pillar College where she has an  Associate Degree in Biblical Studies and now pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies  and Intercultural Communications.

Danette is a committed woman of faith who values every opportunity to bless God by blessing his people.  This woman of God believes in the word of God and Worship.  At the end of 2017, Danette accepted her call to ministry, and she was licensed to preach on May 11, 2018.