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Our Staff
Rev. Niles R. Wilson

LaTosha Wilson
    First Lady

Rev. Dr. Barbara Fields
    Associate Minister

Rev. Pearl Evette Goodman- Gibson
    Associate Minister

Rev. Grace Parham
    Associate Minister

Minister Glenn Andrews
    Associate Minister

Deaconess Tracey Golson-Childress
    Church Secretary

Sis. Nicole Armour
    Pastor's Secretary

Sis. Patricia McKoy
    Church Clerk

Deacon Tracy Childress
    Act. Chairman of Deacons

Deacon Mike Noel
    Vice Chairman of Deacons

Deacon George Morris
    Property Management

Deacon Claude Moorer

Deaconess Arnell Frazier
    Chairlady of Deaconess Ministry

Deaconess Dale Morris

Trustee Gloria Smith
    Chairlady of Trustees

Bro. Alton Teras Thomas
    Minister of Music

Deaconess Arnell Frazier
    Chairlady of Deaconess Ministry

Deaconess Mary Short
    Director of Christian Education

Deaconess Galena Moorer
    Senior Saints Fellowship Ministry Leader

Deaconess Giselle Capers
    Usher Ministry President

Trustee Gloria Smith
    Chairlady of Trustees

Trustee Pearl Goodman
    Vice Chairlady of Trustee Ministry

Sis. Patricia Dawson
    Assistant Church Clerk

Sis. Danette Kelling
    Music & Arts Ministry Director

Trustee Michelle Davis
    Director of Helps & Services Ministry

Sis. Lavon Stucky
    Nurses & Wellness Ministry Leader

Sis. D'Juana Clark
    Liturgical Dance Ministry Leader

Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church
235-237 N. 18th Street [Mailing Address is P.O. Box 4212, East Orange NJ 07017] Map
East Orange, NJ 07017
Phone: 973-414-0422/973-414-0515 - Facsimile


Statement of Beliefs


We the members of the Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church have accepted Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and the saviour of the world.  We believe that he is the only begotten of the Father, born of a virgin, and that he was crucified for our sins, and that  he rose on the third day for our salvation.  We further believe that upon his return to the right hand of the Father, he provided the Holy Spirit to be our guide into all truth and holiness, and our comforter from the cares of daily Christian living.


We are committed as Christians to exemplify Christ in our daily lives. We have dedicated ourselves to being Christ’s representatives to those that are unfamiliar with him, and to those that reject him. It is our duty to demonstrate his love and his mercy in our conversations, our lifestyles, our appearance, and in our dealings with God’s children.

We are empowered by the Holy Spirit, guided by the word of God, saved by his grace, forgiven by his mercy, and driven by our anointing to live in the world, but not be a part of it’s evil. Therefore we support the ministry of our church, and Christians worldwide. We study God’s word to better equip ourselves for the cause of ministry, and to show ourselves approved unto God. We faithfully attend and support        fellowships with other believers and with great care assist them in the bearing of their burdens.

We represent a variety of experiences, family structures, and Socio-economic backgrounds, yet we are one in Christ. We are brothers and sisters in the Lord, heirs and joint heirs with Christ. Therefore it is the vision of our pastor under the direction of the Holy Spirit to focus our attention on going to new levels of Christianity. Thereby empowering ourselves to live better, and work harder as living epistles written by God, and read by men.


The Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church is a Church going to a new level in Christ by Building Better Believers!  Our vision is to achieve a relationship with Jesus that will exemplify the following:

¨ New Level of Commitment     

¨ New Level of Dedication

¨ New Level of Fellowship

¨ New Level of Forgiving

¨ New Level of Giving

¨ New Level of Living

¨ New Level of Loving

¨ New Level of Marriage

¨ New Level of Ministry

¨ New Level of Outreach

¨ New Level of Parenting

¨ New Level of Praise

¨ New Level of Serving

¨ New Level of Singleness

¨ New Level of Spirituality

¨ New Level of Stewardship

¨ New Level of Study

¨ New Level of Thinking

¨ New Level of Worship